25 August 2010

Like anything is possible

So I ended my night last night giggling over hotel rooms.

Yeah, no doubt I'm the only person around who can find hotel rooms funny. But there it is.

And I awoke blearily this morning after a bizarre dream in which my hair stylist was not my usual hair stylist, and she informed me she was going to be even later than she already was because she was going to lunch before she did my hair, and I had the kids in tow, and I was on Victoria Island, and I thought I'd take them to the beach for a little while. Except I somehow ended up in a little back alley reminiscent of those in New Orleans' French Quarter where a has-been '80s singer was crooning at an outdoor bistro. The daughter announced she was thirsty and picked up a carafe of iced tea from a service area and swigged it down. I apologized to the astonished bartender, who was carrying on the '80s theme with a mohawk and bad bleach job, and I offered to pay for the tea. He quoted some outrageous price, at which point, I discovered my wallet wasn't in the bag I was carrying...

The son staggered out while I was drinking my coffee and trying to banish the weirdness.

"How late did you stay up?" I asked him. "Because your light was still on when I went to sleep."

"Oh, 12:30 or something," he yawned.

"Do I have to remind you again that school starts next week, and you need to get back in the habit of going to bed earlier? Must I come in there and take your light bulbs away every night?"

"Mom," he spluttered. "That's harsh."

The daughter laughed.

I also read a cute little interview in the back of the latest cooking magazine with some pop singer (I didn't recognize the name and have since forgotten it), where the interviewer asked, "So what did you have for dinner last night?" and the singer fired off this list of exotic dishes, finally ending with the admission, "Oh, alright, it was tomato soup."

I know how that feels, and it made me laugh. I made a large deli sandwich for dinner for about the eighth time in four weeks. It's good and it doesn't require cooking.

Today is supposed to be even hotter than yesterday.

Dinner will NOT be tomato soup.

Go listen to some good music: "Running Down a Dream" from the album Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty. Oh gods, my exercise bike awaits.

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