24 August 2010

It just takes some time

Some days are simply discouraging. It's not just that everything is going wrong (and people are throwing themselves in front of trains, off bridges, and into bodies of water), it's that everything is wrong.

I got through the frustration of the ordering the son's textbooks, which was flavored with a sort of helpless rage at the knowledge that I used to buy mine in an actual bookstore on the actual school campus and the process was far more efficient and cost effective.

I fielded a phone call from the school where the son took his defensive driving class and they said they liked his good attitude and his hard work. Their only concern was that he seemed a little tense behind the wheel, and I had to explain that he's been a little tense about driving since the morning two years ago that he saw another teen's blood smeared all over the street and sidewalk in the wake of a horrific car accident.

It's been that sort of day.

And I've just been informed that the cat has delivered a hairball in front on my bedroom door. One more clean up job.

Tomorrow is another day, another story, a new start. I will stop reading the newspaper, and concentrate on the next thing, the better thing, what is ahead.

Go listen to some good music: "The Middle" from the album Jimmy Eat World by Jimmy Eat World. I'm not in a bad mood, just a discouraged mood. I want things to be better, always. I don't really have the capacity to ignore what goes on in the world around me, though heaven knows I try.

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