17 August 2010

The focus is sharp...

The son desperately wants me to review Friday night's Rush show. I'm not entirely sure why except that I believe he wants the world to know he was the happiest 16-year-old in the world when the band launched into "The Camera Eye."

"I told you they were playing it," I said to him.

"Call me 'faithless,'" he quipped.


Also, he got a t-shirt when those were tossed out at the end of the show, which really pleased him.

The daughter, oh, the daughter was in her own happy little world. She'd spent Friday practicing the entirety of Moving Pictures on Rock Band, and so, was well prepared to air guitar like mad, which she did, with aplomb. Also, she was happy to put her head on my shoulder and sing loudly in my ear whenever possible. She also enjoyed grabbing my hand and waving it around in the air, to what end, I'm not quite certain.

It thrills me that the kids were so into the music that evening and had such a great time. I'd gotten the tickets through the Ticketmaster auction, and it's always a bit of a crap shoot (a great crap shoot in Albuquerque, as it turned out) as to where you'll be sitting. I was aiming for the front row of Orchestra 2, but I bid just a little too high and we ended up in the pit. The kids were thrilled anyway, as these were the best seats they'd ever had, and we had good, largely unobstructed views.

I'm always a little stressed, though, because I know the spouse isn't exactly a huge fan (though he said he greatly enjoyed Friday's show), and he sort of stands there while I'm bouncing around like a ping pong ball.

(I think I did better at standing still, but how does one stand still listening to the mad calliope in "BU2B?" I see a whirling carousel when I hear that song, something on the order of the one in Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. And stand still during "Caravan," which grabbed me by the heart and soul the first time I heard it? Really, can not wait to see where this album goes.)

In any event, my entourage evidently had a lot of fun (I still hear bursts of song from various bedrooms and Moving Pictures remains the Rock Band chart topper of the moment). Of course, I thought it was excellent, and the sound where I stood was wonderful, and I've still missed half the movies because I'm so entranced by the action on the stage, and I loved every second of everything I heard.

Well, except for the part where they say, "Good night..."

Go listen to some good music: "The Camera Eye" from the album Moving Pictures by Rush. In the overall scheme of the Rush shows I've seen, this was definitely up there with the particularly memorable ones.

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