01 August 2010


This started out life as "Lookie! I bought new boots for fall!" and then promptly turned into:

"[soapbox] While we're at, can I just request that someone kill the animal print trend? It's ghastly and embarrassing. It screams menopausal, even more when it's in shades of pink and blue and purple. [/soapbox]"

I guess that's my quandry. I'm not menopausal (yet), but I'm either expected to dress like my mother-in-law (she's 80), or my daughter (she's 13), or like I'm on the prowl, and I don't find any of those alternatives appealing.

I mean leggings? Yeah, I can wear them. But, sheesh, I wore them the last time they were in style. That's not retro, that's redux, and it's just wrong. Or certainly feels that way. I could wear a mini-skirt, too, which I haven't since grad school.

Whoops, here I go getting all ranty again. So...

Lookie! I bought new boots!

Børn Crown 'Yolanda' Mid Calf Boot

Yes! Adorable!

(And yeah, after over three years of service, the Danskos are starting to look a little worse for the wear. But I love those boots. Oh, those boots have seen some walking...)

And now, perhaps I should slink quietly away before I start in on the lack of charm in weirdly embellished burnout t-shirts and long, baggy sweaters...

Go listen to some good music: "Fashion" from the album Scary Monsters by David Bowie. Yeah! Scary monsters. Look, I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl (but not men's t-shirts). Or jeans and a polo. I want comfortable. Flattering. Age appropriate, whatever that means these days. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I'VE BEEN CARDED THIS SUMMER? And no, I don't consider it a compliment. I consider it confusion.


Deb said...

Well, that does it. I'm throwing out my hot pink and black sebra-sriped leggings that I USED TO love to wear under my bedazzled purple baggy sweater. I hope you're happy.

If you don't know that I was practicing extreme sarcasm in this first paragraph we will no longer be pals.

guerrilla girl said...

Actually, my first thought was "Well, why the heck hasn't she worn that get up in all the years I've known her?"


Deb said...

And my first thought after reading this post was that apparently your fashion sense doesn't apply to your choice of sweat pants, Miss M.C. Hammer Jr.

guerrilla girl said...

I'd never wear boots with sweat pants!