26 August 2010

The Dreaming

Last night, I watched Amy Hardie's fascinating documentary The Edge of Dreaming (thanks to Pop Candy for the heads up). The entire show, which aired on POV, is currently available at the PBS website. The documentary starts with Hardie dreaming the death of her horse George, and subsequently discovering that George had in fact died that night. She next dreams that she herself will die when she is 48...with her 48th birthday right around the corner. The documentary follows her attempt to understand dreaming from a scientific standpoint and to vanquish the fear of imminent death that is consuming her. Despite the difficult nature of the subject matter, Hardie is a mostly upbeat and wholly likable narrator, and while a bit of the doc felt a little silly, I understand her desire to pursue whatever works in addressing her plight.

As someone who dreams vividly, wildly, and frequently, I found the biochemical and neuroscience aspects that Hardie touches on particularly interesting. As a woman trying to ensure that I live long enough to see my children to adulthood, I was definitely touched by the sequences that included her husband and children. There was also a beauty and texture to the filmmaking that I found really compelling. Well worth the hour to watch it; I am still thinking about it today.

Next on my list of must-sees: Cairo Time.

Go listen to some good music: "The Dreaming" from the album The Dreaming by Kate Bush. I really don't know what's with all the dreaming stuff, since I've been dreaming crazy stuff for the last week. Full moon? Anticipation? Who knows.

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