20 August 2010

...and I want to talk to you

Friday, Aug 20th, 2010 -- You may think that today is just another day, but your key planet Mercury is up to mischief as it suspends movement to turn retrograde. Others may be surprised if you change your tune in the middle of a song, but they also could be quite amused with your current antics. Be very careful about what you ask for because you just might get it.

Obviously, I am being advised to do what I already figured out is the best course of action: shut up! And having already put my foot in it once this morning, practically upon waking...

[she smiles]

Let's see here: change my tune in the middle of a song? I don't think I do. Usually, I'm pretty good at staying the course, though I might stop short to reevaluate: "tra-la-la-la...er, wait a minute. What exactly are you doing here? Oh, ok. Tra-la-la-la..."

But antics? My behaviour tends not to be antic. I'm far too much a stick-in-the-mud for antics. I'll cop to impulsiveness, of course, but that bears little relation to clownishness. I'll juggle with words sometimes, but I leave it to you to keep up. If you choose. (Alright, sometimes if I choose. If you're just annoying me, I'll happily leave you in the dust.) And what I've been doing lately--getting two teens ready for back to school in 10 days--hardly qualifies as antic. Boring, maybe...

(Planes, yes, I know. Shhh.)

Be careful what I ask for. According to my family and those who know me best, I ask for little to nothing. I don't think this is quite true. I ask for, want for, little that is material, it's true, and mostly, I try to stay out of everyone's way and not make demands on anyone around me unless I have to. And then it usually isn't for myself but on behalf of someone else (my famous "Please don't bore my child and kill his love of learning" speech comes to mind). But I do request more peace of mind for myself, and I'd like to be a little less awkward. Someone, and I'm sorry that I've forgotten where I saw it written, said something somewhere recently about "self-imposed awkwardness" and that just resonated. I'm good at self-imposed awkwardness. I'd like not to be.

Right. Time to belt up. I was warned!

Go listen to some good music: "Talk" from the album X&Y by Coldplay. Talk? Oh yes, I can talk. Sometimes it requires an invitation, though, and I am known to just shut down if I think I'm talking too much. Horoscope courtesy of Tarot.com As I've said, I find amusement value in this stuff, but today...sheesh, maybe they're right.

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