02 July 2010

Watch it spin round to a beautiful oblivion

The last couple of days have been nothing but annoyance, which in all likelihood is a lead up to 10 days of...I don't know. More annoyance.

And it's in-law duty this weekend. However, my MIL kindly let me know that she had 3/4" of wax removed from each of her ears at the doctor's office, so she's happy again.

I refrained from the obvious Shrek comment.

(I know you didn't need to know that. I didn't either. At least it wasn't about poop. My mother supplies that color commentary. Ah, the joys of middle age.)

Also, I received a link to a You Tube video that demonstrates why my neck hurt for two days. I drum...with my head! Who knew? Certainly not me. I'm much too much in the moment when I'm at a concert, too busy listening and watching, to be paying attention to what I'm actually doing. Clearly, there's a lesson there. Stand still. Maybe with my arms crossed across my chest, and a bit of a glower on my face.

(So, if anyone can provide a link to a video that shows why only the right side of my abs hurt...)

Ah, and there's Torii Hunter, messing with KC's RHP, grinning from first because he knows he's got the guy's number. I love watching Mr. Hunter play. But one of my new favorites is Kevin Frandsen. He's a great utility player--precisely what the Angels need with the usual DL catastrophes--and he's hit very well this year. It's also been fun to watch him argue calls--he's got that old school passion.

Also, he's adorable.

(Of course I notice those things. I'm not dead yet!)

The cat is weaving around my feet, yodeling. He's reminding me that I've never fed him in the history of humankind, and maybe tonight would be a good time to start. Before he drops dead, and all that.

Grrr. This, too, shall pass.

Go listen to some good music: "Inside Out" from the album Eve 6 by Eve 6. Yeah, seriously, my aggravation level is through the roof. By the way, this post is brought to you by the letter "D." Turns out she is fond of my whiny posts!

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