15 July 2010


It was 49F when I flew out of Calgary at noon on Tuesday. It was over 90F when I arrived home a few hours later.

The last twelve days have been indescribable. Indescribably good and indescribably unspeakable.

I will allow the unspeakable parts to fade into the mists of time. Which, hopefully, they will.

I was on a ferry when Germany lost its World Cup semi-final game, and as the game ended, the German man sitting in front of me stood up without a word and walked away with nary a change in expression.

A young Spaniard was pouring me a glass of water in the restaurant of the Glacier Park Lodge, a Spanish flag carefully folded and firmly tucked in his belt, his face alight as he described the end of the final game to me.

I was somewhere in a security line at YYC when George Steinbrenner died. I've never been a Yankee fan, but the news of his death shook me when I heard it later in the day, it was so unexpected. He was such a force in the game of baseball.

And in between? In between, I wandered through Vancouver and Victoria. Drove the Trans-Canada Highway to Kamloops and on to Banff, where there was a thunderstorm. Photographed Lake Louise after the storm. Headed down to Glacier National Park, and drove through miles and miles of construction. Made the young woman at the border laugh when she asked me if I was carrying more than $10,000 and I pointed out that I'd just been in Vancouver, so I was lucky to have any cash at all. Finally, ended up in Calgary, having passed truckloads of sad-eyed cows peering at me through the metal slats as we briefly traveled alongside each other. It was almost enough to send me back to being a vegetarian.

I saw bald eagles in the wild for the first time in my life. A young black bear appeared from nowhere, and stood on the side of the highway, watching the cars speed by until it decided it had had enough and fled back into the trees. An enormous elk tore up grass and tossed his head flamboyantly, as if to say, why yes, I am beautiful and you may admire me. Big horn sheep ambled fearlessly outside of Banff. The deer were out in force, of course.

I promised photos. You will find them at When All This Actual Life Played Out.

Go listen to some good music: "Roam" by The B-52s.

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Deb said...

I think that little bear is a show-off. I've seen him every time I've driven back and forth from Lake Louise to the Columbia Ice Fields. I hope you enjoyed your trip as much as I've enjoyed mine. Love ya and Miss Ya!