25 July 2010

The last reason to make this last

There is always a reason.

Sunday night walk.

There is a reason.

Always the same music.

There is a reason.

As I walk, I watch the planes on their final approach as they come in to land.

There is a reason.

The tug of memory is so strong, as the last light of the sun casts my shadow against the buff-colored wall, as I walk along, fast, so fast I could be running, the cool of the air meeting the warmth of the wall and the pavement beneath my feet.

My heart runs backward into the past.

It's a tiny memory, as memories go, just seconds. It opened doors and meant worlds.

If I run fast enough, can I catch that moment again?

Go listen to some good music: "Make This Go on Forever" from the album Eyes Open by Snow Patrol.

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