22 July 2010

Both sides of the line

Ah! I'm being tested.

It was another sticky sort of day and it started getting warmer again, which made it stickier. I was tired because I was up late last night/this morning bashing away at the secret project that was at least partly responsible for last night's giddiness.

(The potential for travel to the southeast also had me giddy, but that's part of the stickiness of the moment. It was supposed to be relatively straightforward, but not much in my life has been lately.)

No, this isn't the same secret project that I was working on in the spring. That one's dormant for the moment (yay! When I start talking to vendors and I sound serious and like I know what I'm talking about--I mean, I do know what I'm talking about but when I can hear it in my own voice, everyone should just run). Not that I expect it to stay dormant; this sort of thing tends to suddenly resurrect itself at the most unexpected moments and say, "Oh HAI! I haz my clawz in you again. Lucky!"

Anyway, this is something different, but is/would be totally awesome, and even working on the preliminary stuff makes me laugh out loud.

I can really use that right now. Because I'm doing lots of stuff and I feel like I'm treading water. Or out stomping around in the heat and the road construction, just daring the construction crew to say something to me.

The two-step is out.

Go listen to some good music: "Both Sides of the Line" from the album Fervor/Lost & Found by Jason & the Scorchers. Cowpunk? Yeah, what of it? I saw these guys years ago in Hollywood (Palladium, I think), and it was a cheerful, hard rocking, high energy show. And I don't know what they're talking about here, really. But I know what I mean.

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