07 June 2010

I'm sorry

(Today's writing prompt: "Do you owe an apology to anyone? Why?" Wow. Way too apropos.)

Dear person whose brain I melted with my nuclear rage today:

I want to tell you I'm sorry. The fact of the matter is that I'm not sorry. The spouse rightly pointed out that you know who you work for. I tried to tell him that you didn't have the power to fix the problem and that you theoretically didn't create the problem. You're just a phone jockey. But, he said, you know who you work for. He's right. And there's years of complaints about your company and its shady business practices littering the web. Better Business Bureau gives your company a "C."

I know in my heart that all the extremely articulate anger I subjected you to was perfectly justified. But I don't want to be that person. Which makes me even angrier. And even less sorry.

Just so you know, I went ahead and filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I know you thought I was bluffing.

I never bluff.


Go listen to some good music: "So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)" from the album Reckoning by REM. This was a hard post to write because there is nothing that sickens me more than getting angry. As I said, this was beyond justified (FTC justified!), but I dislike the sort of volcanic eruption this problem engendered.


Deb said...

it's 'cause you've been cooped up in Tustin for WAY too long. ... and 'cause said victim works for a crappy company.

21 days 'till Albuquerque. 17 days 'til I leave.

guerrilla girl said...

No, it has everything to do with having enough of being the honest, responsible, law-abiding citizen who is taking the fall for EVERYTHING that is going wrong in this state (and country). I'm tired of paying and paying and paying for the irresponsible shitheads who are constantly looking for a free ride at my expense.

I aim to misbehave.

I did misbehave. And believe my, there will be more misbehaviour. And all of it will be honest, responsible and law-abiding. 'Cause that's all that I've got left.

Well, that and brain melting.

Deb said...

Oh jeez. I forgot that you have been inundated with political ads for months. I live in conservative Texas, and all the issues were wrapped up before they started. This is practically a non-welfare, non-income tax state, so the only irresponsible shitheads are either corporate, or on the board of education. At least the corporate guys employ folks, but the dipshits on the TBoE are still desperate for creationism and changing the history books to exclude anything that does not say nice things about America. "Those weren't internment camps. We gave them a camping vacation!"

guerrilla girl said...

In this case, we are talking very specifically about corporate shitheads. I've let the political stuff bounce off me for now because this is a primary, and I have no party affiliation (along with 20% of all California voters, according to this morning's newspaper!)

What I've referred to here follows on a situation where I, acting on my own as a responsible consumer, am being backed into a corner by certain corporate and financial interests that are trying to influence how I use my own money. My privacy is being violated these companies, and they are trying to force me into relationships with others who pay for their "services." Basically, it amounts to harassment, unfair business practice, oh and about a million other things that are essentially illegal in this country.