19 June 2010

Happy days are here again

In all the excitement of documenting our crazy Thursday evening (and in all the excitement of just making it through this crazy busy week), I neglected to mention that


School's out for summer.

Officially, as of 12:15 yesterday.

The 7th grade girls were waiting anxiously for the bell to ring, and as soon as it did, they jumped up and down in a huddle, shrieking, "WE'RE EIGHTH GRADERS!"

Which, for the moment, is as cool as it gets.

Go listen to some music: "Happy Days are Here Again," music by Milton Ager, lyrics by Jack Yellen.


Deb said...

I'm pretty sure that is as cool as it ever gets. Seriously. Would that we could all experience that kind of moment at least once a year our whole lives.

guerrilla girl said...

I told them that I wanted to hear each one of them cheer just as loud and long for every birthday, even when each of them turned 40!