12 June 2010

Der Ring des Nibelungen

I am down to the final week of school, the week that does feel like I'm playing the entire Ring cycle solo on a kazoo. Or possibly, a chain saw.

(The Ring cycle only comes to mind because of all the hullabaloo surrounding the LA Opera's current staging of it. At present, my life is full of Wagnerian histrionics...and I don't care for opera.)

Both children are awash in final exams and finals projects. Though I firmly don't get involved with these things, one is requiring me to rearrange the house so the son can film himself doing a monologue from Hamlet for his film class. True that I could have him rearrange the house, but I want to be able to find everything afterward.

The daughter's school is always full of grand schemes that go well beyond the ridiculous. Her class is being hauled off on a picnic on Monday (in the middle of a week's worth of final exams). Then there's the graduation luncheon, which I was co-opted into planning 3 years ago. This time, I simply capitulated back in September, and just took over. My pointing finger of doom has announced politely to those involved "you may do this" and "you may do that." I know it will all turn out fine. The children will eat and have fun. It's just the getting past it that needs doing. I'm trying to look at it as a harbinger of better things to come. It was last time.

Courage and faith.

The son has been anxious to see Video Games Live since its inception, and finally, I was able to get tickets to take him (it's always rolling through at the most inconvenient times and places). Not only did I get him tickets, I got him pit tickets at Nokia during E3. Because I am his mother and I rock. However, what this means is that I have to take him this week. To L.A. On a week night. During E3. Which kind of makes me want to hire someone else to take him. But no, I will be there, in my seat, listening to video game music. Watching my 16-year-old light up with glee. I will savor that moment because once it's done, he'll be back to harassing me about the driving lessons the state requires him to take this summer.

And the AP Chemistry class I haven't signed him up for yet.

Oh, there's more. And more. Always more. And my brain yells, run away, run away, run directly away!

Of course, that comes later.

Go listen to some music if you dare: "Der Ring des Nibelungen" is a cycle of four operas written by Richard Wagner. Some of the music that accompanies the operas is really pretty interesting, but opera as an art form holds little appeal for me.

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