15 June 2010

...and I can do it some more

Pasta lunch for sixty. I knew J. was busy, so I took on the brunt of the planning. She ordered up everything and bless her, was able to make it to help. I'd done this lunch party before, so I knew the ropes. I was there at 8, getting drinks on ice, back at 10:15 to start set up. J. showed up, as did the other mother who was picking up the cakes.

One of the cakes had the name of a rival middle school. J. was exasperated; ML was tremendously fussed.

I laughed and said, "Scrape it off."

Another person suggested we drive over to the rival school and see if we could trade it for ours.

We scraped off the name. No one knew the difference.

The man bearing pasta and salad and bread arrived. He was short a salad. J. took one look at the amount of pasta we had and told him to bring more when he returned with the other salad.

We were exactly one tray of pasta and one bowl of salad over what we needed. J. and I shrugged and agreed that we'd rather have too much than too little.

"We need to go into catering," J. said. "We can do this."

"And better," I agreed. I've been putting this sort of thing together for more years than I can count. J. does beautiful and imaginative parties.

"Yeah!" J. replied.

The lunch started, and kids and staff ate and ate and ate. We ran out of forks.

I ran (literally) home and gathered up all the boxes of spoons and forks I had in the pantry, and ran back to the school in time to serve dessert. When I arrived, I discovered we'd run out of plates.

The hot lunch lady saved us there.

J. and I laughed that it would be time to go open a bottle of wine when it was all done. The teacher who was running the operation told us we'd better to plan to share. It was a good laugh.

All was well that ended well.

And I never have to do this particular thing ever again.

Go listen to some music: "Tick Tick Boom" from the album The Black and White Album recorded by The Hives.

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