11 April 2010


Yeah, I got bored.

The new blog looks so pretty, and this one looked pretty stark in comparison. So I started fiddling. It's fairly likely I haven't finished fiddling, so don't be alarmed if things change a little every five minutes for the next few days.

Also don't be alarmed when weird stuff suddenly shows up! Half an hour ago, I published my entire recent catalog of background photos. Because I only change blog templates when I'm too tired to think straight (or have been doing the taxes, which, why yes! I have been), I'm good at hitting the wrong button at the wrong time.

While the background picture is a stock photo, I took the masthead photo last week. A plane taking off from Burbank at sunset. Of course, I always take off from Orange County at dawn...

Go listen to some good music: "Windout" from the album Dead Letter Office by REM. I have no more idea what this song is about than I do why I suddenly decided to start messing with the blog. Well, obviously I'm nuts. I have no idea what REM's excuse was.

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