16 April 2010


Wow, Mom Nature is sure geared up, what with the volcanoes and the earthquakes.

My life is not nearly so interesting at the moment. I'm back to crazy busy-ness, none of which is worth recounting. Of all that's been going on, the daughter's Pentathlon triumph last night is the most notable. She brought home 5 medals out of a possible 8, including a high-ranking Literature honor. Clearly, they didn't ask her about Paradise Lost.

(Sorry, that's going to be a perpetual family joke.)

Anyway, she was very pleased, given all the years she had to sit and watch her brother clanking around with a neck full of hardware.

The son, quite amused, noted the installation of numerous large pots of greenery at the forefront of the stage, something that had never figured in the decorating scheme in previous years.

"That's my fault," he joked. He jumped off the stage in 2008 (four months after major knee reconstruction surgery), having just won a first in social studies.

The greenery didn't stop our friend's son, who attends a different middle school and who witnessed the son's epic leap, from somersaulting onto the stage when he received an individual achievement medal.

Do these kids think they're in Cirque du Soleil or something?

I saw the other boy's mother this morning, and she wailed, "I didn't know he was going to do that!"

"I didn't know mine was going to jump," I told her.

"Oh," she said, faintly. "I remember that."

As parents, we're terribly dignified. Nicely behaved. Quiet, even. I don't leap off my car when I've executed a perfect parallel parking maneuver or saved a fantastic amount at the grocery store through my planning prowess and mad skillz.

Hot lava. P waves and S waves. Mercury retrograde.

Who knows?

Go listen to some good music: "Lava" from the album The B-52s by The B-52s.

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