05 April 2010

I (didn't) feel the earth move

And evidently I'm the only one in Southern California who didn't.

I was trying to get Easter dinner on the table, when suddenly the spouse started yelling, "Well, that's an earthquake!"

And I said, rushing about, "I don't feel anything."

"Look! Look!" he pointed at the slightly swaying door on the entertainment center.

"Okay, so a little earthquake," I said rushing back the other direction.

"No, a big earthquake! It rolled for a long time," he said with excitement (geologist, remember?).

"I felt it," said the daughter.

"We have earthquakes EVERY DAY," I replied with a certain amount of exasperation as I was heaving an 8-lb. ham out of the oven.

The son came galloping out of his room.

"That was fun!" he crowed.

So yeah, M7.2 down near Mexicali. Houses sinking into the ground at a nearby volcano. Some damage, though not locally, and blessedly few casualties.

(You have to realize, too, that geologists live for this sort of thing, and spend the remainder of the day sending one another emails and video they've scrounged of the whole event. All the while I was hollering, "Come eat your dinner!").

Time for the obligatory reminder to have your emergency supplies and a plan to shelter in place or evacuate at the ready. This is Earthquake Preparedness Month in California, so if you live here, you really don't have an excuse. (That link includes useful preparedness guidelines from the American Red Cross.) Honestly, you don't want to be like those people in the big ice storm in Kentucky a couple of years ago who were so ill-prepared for an emergency that their Amish neighbors had to step in and loan them lanterns and what not.

Off to deal with my rainy day and Monday.

Go listen to some music: "I Feel the Earth Move" from the album Tapestry by Carole King.

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