30 April 2010

Hey ya!

A possible reason for the baguette attack was divulged in the previous post's comment section yesterday. I'll let you go there to read it rather than rehash it. (Feed readers, sorry, but you'll have to click through to the actual blog to read the comments.)

Where did this month go? And why isn't it June?


Never mind.

I think there was going to be a point to all this, but I also think I've forgotten it.

You can always go look at photos on the other blog. (I'm so tired that I can't even type a URL correctly. Yikes.) Or! You can go discover some new music. NPR is streaming The New P*rnographers new album Together here. I haven't listened to all of it yet, but so far, I like what I've heard.

Go listen to some music: "Hey Ya!" from the EP The Way You Move/Hey Ya! by OutKast. You can blame the spouse for this song--yeah, we do own nearly everything I cite here. He was working on a project in Hawaii, and evidently this song was played non-stop. Shake it like a Polaroid.

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