07 March 2010

There's no business like show business

The Academy Awards telecast tonight surpassed itself in terms of sheer tastelessness. The opening number was appalling, and Martin and Baldwin fell utterly flat. The best moments were the camera panning to George Clooney looking bored and annoyed. We laughed out loud at his expression. I suppose it could have been staged; he is quite the actor.

I don't always watch the Oscars. Having worked in the industry for a number of years, I'm usually interested in the smaller awards, the behind-the-scenes stuff, unless I've seen a lot of the nominated films. This year, we'd all seen a number of the films, and there are some we're anxious to see but simply haven't had the time to, so there was more interest in the household than usual. And as the daughter has become increasingly interested in the craft of film making, she wanted to watch.

While the show's production was dreadful (and about 1-1/2 hours too long), many of the winners shone. I watched the daughter, and saw her really take note of the Up composer's speech, and I saw her follow the words of everyone who said, "I was told to practice." "My family supported me." "My mom made sure I did the right things."

"See?" I said softly. She put her head on my shoulder.

"Some day, I want to be up there," she said quietly.

"I believe that you can be," I told her.

She made a small humming noise, whether of doubt or affirmation I'm not sure.

"But," I continued, "The first time you go, I get to go as your guest."

"Hey!" said the son.

"You can go the third time she's nominated," I told him. "Your father will go the second."

"I'm not sure I can get nominated that many times," the daughter said nervously.

"You will," I replied airily. "And make sure you ask for the seats next to George Clooney."

Go listen to some music: "There's No Business Like Show Business" from the musical Annie Get Your Gun, lyrics and music by Irving Berlin and book by Herbert Fields and Dorothy Fields.


Deb said...

I tried to watch the Oscars last night, but I just couldn't. I couldn't even watch on fast forward, so I gave up after the short films. It was all just too self indulgent. And why couldn't Molly Ringwald walk? You tell that daughter of yours that there had better be an invite for me at one of her nomination ceremonies.

guerrilla girl said...

Utterly self-aggrandizing. So much so that the original title of the post was "You're So Vain." The Academy Awards is meant to be a celebration of the industry, but this was an ill-paced, unfunny disaster. Putting the John Hughes tribute apart from the In Memoriam section was ill-conceived, and neglecting to include Bea Arthur while including Michael Jackson? Shameful.

I think Molly Ringwald couldn't walk because of all that purple. And Sandra Bullock's lipstick almost walked off her face (but her dress was fabulous. And the dress I really want? The one the woman who won costume design was wearing!)

Shutting up now... ;)