06 March 2010

Some day love will find you

Except that it seems that it's work that keeps finding me.

(This song was on the radio in the car this afternoon and this line keeps repeating in my head. Over and over. Earworm! Earworm!)

Continuing with last night's theme:

So, stuff happened this last week, some of which was on the intense side, and I got home one day with a brain-exploding headache.

(Not to be confused with a brain-exploding Journey-based earworm.)

I think I also neglected to mention that I am catering a lunch next week. It's not a huge thing, but the meetings took me by surprise and I've gotten behind on the catering.

And, uh, it's raining.

(She notes, apropos of nothing)

Then I was checking one of my many millions of email accounts (being a tidy and orderly sort of person, I have email accounts for the various aspects of my life, and being a Gemini, there are a lot of aspects).

And in the in-box for the blog, was a solicitation to do a giveaway on my blog or review products. This left me slightly puzzled because I don't think I really have that kind of blog, and I'm not sure the Chinese bots that are so loyal to me are really up for a giveaway. And god knows I have opinions and no trouble airing them (hi, Motrin folks! Bosch...Gateway...), and I don't mind saying, "Bought myself a Calphalon panini pan and it is an EPIC WIN! The Cuisinart chef's pan not so much." Both are true, but I bought them under the influence of myself, not because someone gave them to me to review. So, I'm thinking that one through. Actual readers, feel free to weigh in. Bots and content scrapers, you are automatically not eligible.

(The Cuisinart pan either came warped or warped within very few uses. It's not as heavy as I'd like it to be, and as a pan of that size--what used to be called a chicken fryer--is vital in my cooking, I'm already thinking about replacing it. That Calphalon panini pan, though, makes one lovely sandwich.)

And in yet another in-box was an email from T. saying "When are you coming to visit?" and the prospect of traveling provokes pleasurable butterflies in my stomach--I think. And someone else is saying "isn't this your summer to end up in some part of Europe?" While that's true, I already know I'm going to be in Italy in 2011 (advance planning: it's a good thing!), and I'm not entirely sure what's happening this summer, other than you know, potential weirdness.

I want to keep some time open for the interesting things that occur out of the blue (like the photo workshop I'm taking in a couple of weeks or visiting T. on the spur of the moment), but the pragmatic part of me is jumping up and down demanding to be heard. So keeping time back for myself may be out of the equation.


"Break the chains that bind you..."


Go listen to some music: "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" from the album Frontiers by Journey. I'm really not a fan of Journey, and having this song on repeat in my head is driving me mildly crazy.

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