02 March 2010

Le coucou au fond de bois

March 2010
Orange County, California

Granted they're parrots, not cuckoos, and it's a few Italian cypresses, not a forest. But they were particularly raucous this morning (hello, impending spring!) and they preened, and sat for photos. A continued argument for why I really need to spend the dollars on a telephoto lens (they were sitting about 20 ft. above my head). The flock has expanded to about 30 since we first moved here, with twice daily flyover service, dawn and sunset.

(Click photograph to enlarge)

Go listen to some good music: "Le Coucou Au Fond de Bois" from the album Saint-Saƫns: Carnaval des animaux performed by Charles Dutoit, London Sinfonietta; Pascal Roge & Philharmonia Orchestra.

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