05 March 2010

Cast in this unlikely role

Using your brain once in awhile is a really good thing. My brain...my brain is sort of like those old nitrate photographic negatives. The ones that explode. They catch fire without warning and they burn very, very hot.

And putting the fire out? Well, that's kind of hard.

(Okay, we'll stop the analogy before we get to the toxic fumes part.)

My life has suddenly gotten weird again.

Because of that, I had two margaritas for dinner, which is seriously unusual for me. I can't even remember the last time I had one margarita. And because I had two margaritas, I am now hiccuping.


And in the coming weeks, things are only bound to get weirder.

A lot weirder.

It could be really wonderful.

Or...it could just be weird.

Go listen to some good music: "Limelight" from the album Moving Pictures by Rush. I've heard this song...oh... a billion times. And I've heard in concert...well, a lot. And never once until tonight did I see exactly how applicable it is to the way that my life rushes along. The more I try to dodge the spotlight, the faster it finds me, and damn if I haven't been caught again.

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