25 February 2010


I really dislike forcing myself to write when there is nothing to say. I dislike babbling.

As sometimes happens, I'm really busy at the moment. But it's not the sort of busy that I can or want to write about. It's not fun stuff, not stuff worth sharing. It's largely stuff that makes me cranky. And I'm far too distracted by all the stuff going on around me to be coherent in this arena. Some things are nearing completion (spouse is healed; surgery bills are nearly sorted, with minimal bloodletting. Only one provider has tried to overcharge us so far); some things are in a holding pattern (my life!).

At the moment, though, I'm tired of the sound of my own voice--and I'm never all that fond of it to begin with.

(A couple of years ago, we were traveling and there were masses of crabby people everywhere. The son, riffing on the film 28 Days Later, decided he wanted to direct a video spoof called 28 Complaints Later. Every once in a while, particularly when we are around a family member who loves to complain, he will mouth at me "28 complaints later..." Which is still hilarious. Except that I'm starting to feel like I'm on at least complaint #12 myself. Which isn't so hilarious.)

So, I'm off into self-imposed exile. I suspect I'll be back sooner rather than later. Sometimes writing a blog feels a lot like being in a pressure cooker and I need to let some of the steam off in a different way right now.

And we all know that probably means I'll be weeding and pruning trees.

Go listen to some good music: "Words" from the album The Best of Missing Persons by Missing Persons. Today, I charged up and down hills...5.3 miles to be precise...in an exhausting attempt to get to "reboot." My patience is so thin, which never pleases me. And I hate whining!

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