17 February 2010

Under ice

Cape Farewell, Greenland
July 2008

Icebergs are secretive and magnificent. They breathe and move, and seem very much alive. The color of the ice is stunning, and the color of the water surrounding them filled me with wonder and amazement.

This photograph was shot without filters of any sort. This was the color of the air, the ice and the water. When I took this photo, I had become used to how Greenland and the surrounding area looked, but going back now to the photos I took, I am stunned once again by its grandeur.

(Click to enlarge)

Go listen to some good music: "Under Ice" from the album Hounds of Love by Kate Bush. It was a bad day. This was a lovely reminder that escape is possible. And yes, I have a compulsive need to fix things.


jeannette stgermain said...

Awesome pic! Haven't made it that far North yet:)

guerrilla girl said...

I definitely recommend it. Greenland is stark and beautiful, and I think that as an artist, you'd find the light and color really interesting.