11 February 2010

Oh yeah oh yeah oh oh yeah

(a beetle-legged woman ain't got no soul? What? You know, I used to haunt music stores just to get my hands on sheet music so I could figure out what the heck he was singing.)

A modicum of calm has returned, and just in time. By late yesterday, I was starting to make noises about showing up in people's offices if things didn't start getting done and given my reputation as a woman with a very sharp tongue...you know, Glowing Galadriel and all that...no one really wants to go there. Including me, to be honest.

I wrote that at 9 am, and the day mostly went downhill from there. The toll road people are like zombies. That account just won't die! It's been nearly two months since I tried to cancel it, and I'm still getting bills from them. So that was one phone call. An investment person trying to get me to go to a seminar tonight. More back and forth with the people up north. "There was an issue with printing the check run...but we'll overnight it tonight instead!" Trying to figure out why I've received no EOBs from the insurance about the hospital and the MRI.

Endless aggravation.

On the up side, on the oh yeah oh yeah oh oh yeah side, I had a lovely sunny day, a balmy 53F, so I went to explore the newly reopened, newly rehabbed portion of the channel trail.

(I wrote about sneaking past the fences about nine months ago.)

All told, it's maybe a mile's worth of trail that's been tidied, but it's been nicely done, and part of it even has a faux creek bed that follows the original drainage. Clearly a necessity, based on the flow patterns from recent storms that I could already see incised into the loose sand. The advantage is that it will give me another, possibly easier entrance to the whole of the trail, which is nice.

But really, I need to get back on my bike, with my camera, and see if Peters Canyon and San Diego Creek are open for a good ride.

Go listen to some good music: "Black Dog" from the album Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1 by Led Zeppelin. I'm too lazy to look this one up, though I know we have it on vinyl, too. Not that anyone believes I listen to Led Zeppelin. Or Rush. Or Porcupine Tree. The list goes on.

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