23 February 2010

Illegitimi non carborundum (end of story)

Last month, I talked about my little run-in with McNeil Consumer Healthcare, makers of Motrin. I called McNeil, a division of Johnson & Johnson, to ask for a refund for a large bottle (200+ capsules) of Motrin, the lot number of which was part of the recent recall of apparently contaminated product. While the woes of McNeil weren't quite on par with those that prompted Toyota's massive recall, it runs contrary to good business practice to tell your customers to throw away their product and then make it difficult to get reimbursed for the damaged goods.

Anyway, I recounted almost verbatim the conversation I had with the representative from McNeil, and how it took practically pulling his teeth to get him to hand over a coupon that would fully reimburse my loss.

Believe it or not, the coupon showed up. It was for the purchase price--up to $20--of a single bottle of Motrin. While I was happy to get my coupon, which I have since redeemed on the single most expensive bottle of Motrin I could find (because, yes, I have a vindictive streak that sometimes comes out to play), was it really worth the loss of my goodwill to play this game? While my blog doesn't have the power of say Dooce, was it worth having me post negatively about the experience I had? Because I'm sitting here talking about it, and so far this year, that's the single most popular post on my blog.

And believe me, I'm still annoyed.

Go listen to some good music: "Fight Song" from the album Keep Color by Republic Tigers. For reasons I can't explain, I get hit by crawlers from social media sites with startling frequency. So watch your P's and Q's! Next on my agenda: the fact that boxes of pasta have been reduced to 3/4's their former size.

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