16 February 2010

Did I have a dream...?

The son had the day off from school, so we drove a little (16, remember?) and he helped me with various shopping tasks, then we had lunch and he played Halo and I fell asleep on the couch while he played.

I don't nap, but this time, I fell asleep hard.

At the grocery, it turned out that the Valentine's candy was 50% off, I had a coupon for M&Ms and...AND...the Easter candy was already on sale. This is why I don't take children to the grocery store: I come home with an enormous heart filled with chocolate, bags of M&Ms and...AND...Robin's Eggs. On sale.

And yeah, the daughter's birthday is on Sunday, so I have to bake a chocolate cake (if you're a long-time reader, you know that this is tradition and that I bake whatever sort of cake the birthday-ee requests, which, in this case, is chocolate fudge with buttercream frosting and blue writing. And taking all her friends bowling, but that's another story. Also with dinner at the local Italian joint, which is still another story. While I figure out how to get the son to his friend's Sweet 16 party at another restaurant. And did I mention that he's been invited to a second one of those next month?)

But I digress.

Then, I finished a short story that I was writing, and I was very pleased with it. I called the son, who read it and said in a shivery voice, "That's disturbing." And I replied, "Good!" because it was supposed to be disturbing. I submitted the story where it was meant to be submitted and felt inordinately pleased with myself.

I was waiting to find out if we'd have to take a visiting person, who is also a friend, to dinner, which it turned out that we didn't, and though I like her immensely, this was also an immense relief. Because I've also got an insurance person coming over this week, and the daughter wants a sleepover for her birthday. And my house is a disaster area, covered in EoBs and surgery bills, and outdoors there are weeds everywhere thanks to 11" of rain. No matter how many I pull, there are more.

As well, the daughter needed to prepare for her debate tomorrow.

You see where this is going.

Or perhaps you don't.

It was actually going somewhere. Perhaps toward the dream I had last night where I kept pulling bunches of green onions out of my refrigerator. My refrigerator was like a clown car filled with green onions.

I didn't have that dream. It had me.

Go listen to some good music: "Nocturne" from the album Vapor Trails by Rush. The kids have just nominated Swiss skater Stephane Lambel to be the next Doctor for Doctor Who because they still object to the selection of Matt Smith. I know: complete non sequitur, but isn't this entire blog a non sequitur? (The answer is "yes" if you were wondering).

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