04 February 2010

Before I come undone

It was a day of untying.

I've read the Wall St. Journal for years. More than 20, actually, and I've had a subscription to it for at least 15.

Well, Rupert Murdoch bought out Dow Jones a couple of years ago, and that was the beginning of the end.

Breaking up is hard to do if you're like me and addicted to good writing and good editing and proper news reporting. I avidly read certain columnists and writers, and generally enjoyed the part of my day spent with the Journal.

But the writers I enjoyed have largely disappeared, dispersed to different and sometimes better publications, and the paper has become something that I no longer enjoy, is no longer relevant to my life.

So I severed the tie, canceled the subscription. It was the last newspaper subscription that I had.

Though it was the proper thing to do, it made me rather sad.

The daughter went off skiing today, which made me nervous. She tends to be the one who clings to the cord that binds us, seeks to be near me. But she will soon be 13, and she was wild to go on this trip. The girl is whip smart when it comes to books, and one of the dimmer bulbs in God's chandelier when it comes to good sense. I was left to hope in silence that she wouldn't give me cause to regret letting her go.


Untying is a slow process. I am seeing that tidying and letting go are part and parcel of the same thing. A lot of tidying is required now, in my house, in my life, in my relationships.

Part of the .html when I add a photograph here says "deselect Image Gracefully." I find that is what I am trying to accomplish: deselecting gracefully.

It's like shedding an old skin.

Go listen to some good music: "Bring Me to Life" from the album Fallen by Evanescence. And yes! I still read the newspaper.

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