02 January 2010

You could be happy

The cat has learned a new trick. He jumps onto the printer on my desk and methodically knocks all my paperwork to the floor. Not all at once, mind you, but in series, to the side, to the front, so the Explanation of Benefit statements and receipts that litter my space awaiting resolution, bills awaiting payment, letters requiring replies, fly to the far ends of the kitchen floor.

Then he looks at me and slowly blinks.

I've had to move the wastebasket from the side of my desk because he's knocked too many important items into it.

Tonight, chasing dust mice under the monitor (if I can only get through tomorrow. In-laws, you know), I find a single long whisker that he has dropped on the polished wood.

I can be happy when I am alone.

I can be happy watching a movie with my family.

I can be happy standing solitary in a crowd of strangers.

I believe that someday I can be happy again.

Go listen to some good music: "You Could Be Happy" from the album Eyes Open by Snow Patrol. Yes, I generally get along pretty well with my in-laws, but my MIL can make me extremely tense, which she's excelling at right about now.

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