27 January 2010

Supermassive black hole

I'd never even heard of the Twilight books until right about the time the movie came out and all the swooning began. Though it's aimed at the daughter's age group, she couldn't be bothered to read it, and even though women my age seem equally obsessed, I was mostly just mystified.

So, honestly, no one around here really paid much attention.

The first movie hit the one of the cable channels sometime in the last month (I think there's been a second one since?), and we scrolled cheerfully past it on our way to watch 9, District 9, Up, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World, and whatever else we've watched in the last month. I did ask the daughter if she wanted to watch Twilight so she'd know what all her friends were squeeing about, but she just shrugged and shook her head.

I pedal away on my exercise bike for 70 minutes three times per week, which is generally beyond boring. Sometimes I read and sometimes I watch a movie just so I'll stay on the dumb thing, and while I was pedaling this week, there was Twilight. So I decided to find out what all the squeeing was about.

I'm not sure I've completely figured it out, really. What I got out of it over the course of two exercise bike sessions was a lame-brain girl with a single facial expression and a guy who'd be cute if makeup had remembered to put his vampire white on his neck as well as his face instead of making me worry over why his neck was a normal, healthy pink while his face looked like a bloodsucker's. And then there are other "good" and "bad" vampires and a whole bunch of high school students who would have fit right in at my high school.

But that, I think, is the appeal, isn't it? It's nothing more than high school melodrama. Teens can completely relate the film to their own lives, and women my age just remember what it felt like to fall in love with that guy.

(Who hopefully didn't look like he was running around in clown makeup).

Not my sort of movie, honestly, but hey, I'm sure most of the people who loved it wouldn't find the sort of movies I like very appealing.

Go listen to some good music: "Supermassive Black Hole" from the album Black Holes and Revelations by Muse. I do love a well-crafted romantic movie, and one of my favorites remains Room With a View, which the daughter and I watched over the summer. She really liked it, too. The next movie I'm anxious to see is Fish Tank, which from what I understand, is not romantic.

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