31 January 2010

Say it ain't so

A quick note on commenting:

One of the reasons that comment moderation is enabled is to prevent comment spam, which, as you may be aware, is just rife on blogs. I read a number of languages, none of which unfortunately is an Asian language, and so, my computers are not enabled for any Asian fonts. If you wish to comment, you will need to do so in a language in which I have some reading proficiency, and those largely have Roman alphabets, though I do read some non-Roman languages as well.

However, if I can't understand what you've written, your comment will not be approved. If you leave a comment in a language other than English in which I have some proficiency, it's not spam and it doesn't violate general good taste, I will approve it, and provide a translation (heaven help you).

Thanks for your understanding.

Go listen to some music: "Say It Ain't So" from the album Weezer by Weezer. Also, for anyone who needs reminding I DO NOT PROVIDE DOWNLOADS OF ANYTHING, EVER. If you like the music, go buy it from a legitimate source.

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