18 January 2010

Rainy days and Mondays

So, it started raining around 3 pm yesterday, and the weather forecasters said, "This is not the storm. This is just some showers."

Around the same time, someone also said we'd get 6" of rain by morning, and we were disbelieving to say the least. Quite rightfully so, of course.

Got up really early this morning because the son had an early doctor's appointment, and it was still showery.

"Not the storm," they said.

Alrighty, then.

Of course, the storm or not, it was wet out, and I had to be out in it most of the morning through the early afternoon, which is always a good time.

So, this is what not the storm looks like:

(and yes, all that frightful weedy stuff between the slates sprang up, fully formed, after all the work I put in on Saturday. Grr.)

Eventually, the storm arrived, and world turned grey with the downpour. The house fairly thrummed with the sound of wind and pouring water. The children, home for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, buzzed with excitement (native Californians, you know. Rain is such a novelty).

This is what the storm looks like:

In a very short period of time, the pavers were under water:

We ended with 2.5" of rain by my (unofficial) rain gauge by about 3:30 pm, at which point the sun came out, and I ran out with my ladder and cleared the gutters again (40-ft. Italian stone pine in the back 40. The thing sheds 6-inch long, sharp, nasty needles at a tremendous rate, and since we're still supposed to get another 10" or so of rain throughout the remainder of the week, starting later tonight, I wanted the gutters unburdened as both they and the ground drains were overwhelmed by the hour-long typhoon we had.

And while I was at it, and while I had light, I pulled up a barrel full of weedy stuff.

It'll be back by morning.

Go listen to some music: "Rainy Days and Mondays" from the album Carpenters by The Carpenters.

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