18 December 2009

You know I've done it before...

The spouse: "...and the guy told these engineers, 'Put something together; give 'em a show.' So they got some PVC and some liquid nitrogen..."

Me, raising an eyebrow: "PVC pipe and liquid nitrogen?"

The spouse: "Yup. Filled the pipe, increased the pressure..."

Me, rolling my eyes while toying with a piece of enchilada: "How many fire trucks showed up?"

The spouse, laughing: "I don't know, but there were two huge plumes of vapor, the PVC turned to dust, and they cracked the lab floor. Outta hand."

Me, turning to the daughter: "Hey kid, I've got a science fair project for you for next year..."

Go listen to some good music: "Tick Tick Boom" from the album The Black and White Album by The Hives. Party's done. Now I just have to get through Monday.

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