12 December 2009


Bright and early this morning (10 am, actually), I started putting together the artichoke dip (12 hours late; it's supposed to sit overnight so the 97 garlic cloves in there can do their garlicky thing). It's a pretty easy project, but the artichoke heart chopping takes a little while (ease of preparation note: I use a garlic press, rather than mincing the garlic, and throw in an extra clove for good measure). Usually, I use the canned artichokes, but out of curiosity had picked up a couple of bags of fresh frozen as well. I felt the need to rinse them after defrosting, and while they were draining, I was assembling the other necessities. The cat always wants to know what I'm up to when there is food involved, and he was sitting on his perch above the kitchen sink, alternately watching me and the hummingbird that was attacking the camellia flowers in the rain. He was awfully cute, and I turned to get my camera because there simply aren't enough photos of cute cats in the world, especially mine.

You can see above what I caught.

He not only grabbed an entire quarter artichoke heart, but when I yelled, he ran with it, and then scarfed it down as fast as he could. Okra last night, artichoke this morning, god only knows what delights will await me in the cat box.

Go listen to some music: "Artichoke" from the album Viva! La Woman by Cibo Matta. One of the...benefits?...of always using songs and lyrics for titles is that I find new music. This was an interesting find, to say the least.

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