05 December 2009

All seem to say "throw cares away"

The holiday crazy is in full swing.

I'm not crazy about the holidays.

I woke this morning in the midst of a semi-nightmare. I was in a huge store, and the lights were so dim that I couldn't make out the size tags on the shirts I was looking at. Then I realized I couldn't even tell what color they were.

My phone rang as I was trying to sort through the shirts, but as soon as I picked it up, the screen showed "Missed Call." I knew I was supposed to meet my brother in another store on the other side of this enormous mall, and we had little time to do what we needed to. I couldn't afford to be late. There was no time.

I realized that although I hadn't completed any shopping, I was carrying innumerable bags, one of which held a laptop, another an iPhone the size of a netbook, and yet another which held my phone and wallet. I tried to text my brother, but couldn't get through. I gathered up my bags and set off out the door to try again, at which point I found I'd lost my wallet.

Exasperated, I began to run across the outdoor square toward the store where I was supposed to meet my brother, but all the entrances were blocked by people waiting in lines. I got a garbled call which only increased my sense of urgency and I looked around the outside of the buildings until I finally found a service door, and slipped inside. At which point, I found myself in a very high-end men's store, falling over a chain that was blocking entrance to a room...

Go listen to some good music: "Carol of the Bells" from the album Joy to the World by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. At one time or another, I've been called upon to sing every vocal part in this song. Figures, doesn't it?

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Deb said...

uh oh ... well, I sent you something, but it was mostly a little joke that you will catch on to right away.