13 November 2009

No time

The problem with NaBloPoMo is that there are days where there is nothing to say. Hello, Friday, November 13. Then I'm stuck with yammering on about...mowing the lawn. So I arrived at tonight's post by the simple expedient that "No Time" by the Guess Who happens to be the song that the spouse and the daughter are playing on Rock Band right now. Works for me.

No time...to travel.
No time...to actually plan my next move.
No time...to get the son's learner's permit (so he tells me).
No time...to get the boy's wisdom teeth out.
No time...oh god, the orthodontist.
No time...to do Christmas cards.
No time...to bake cookies.
No time...to write that novel (300 words out of 50,000?)
No time...to learn the piano.
No time...to get the daughter's ears pierced.
No time...for this litany of complaint. I got the lawn mowed. That was something.

But the travel. Needs to happen. Even the horoscope is insisting.

Go listen to some good music: "No Time" from the album The Guess Who: Greatest Hits by The Guess Who. There was a story printed in the local paper today that made me so angry that I was going to take that on, but decided that something heartwarming and upbeat is better. You can read about what 16-year-old Caitlin Crommett is doing here.

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