30 November 2009

More than the blues

Thirty posts in thirty days.

On the face of it, no big deal, yeah? Except when you're trying not to dial the posts in, and find that, indeed, you are using a hand-crank phone.

In a sense, I've gotten too good at this blogging business. I can toss a post off without thinking too hard about it, and for me, that was never the point.

I'm not sure that I rediscovered the point this month. For the last year, I've had the uneasy sense that I really need to stop doing this, that it no longer serves a purpose. But the last year has been pretty wretched in many regards, and it's likely that's coloring my perspective more than I'd like to admit.

But this is no time for introspection! It's the last day of NaBloPoMo! (It's also the end of NaNoWriMo. Two hundred words this year? Hmmm. Update: I actually wrote 659 words. Yay me. Think I can get in another 49,341 before bed? Yeah, me neither.) At any rate, I posted for thirty straight days.

For the sake of continuity (and because it's my last day to help blow up the Internet), I give you

The Official Last Post of NaBloPoMo Shoe Photos:

New November, new pair of Birkenstocks! With jewels. These have no story behind them, nor have they met anyone special. I just needed a new pair of sandals, and with a torn arch, these are pretty much my only choice. Hideous and uncomfortable. That's how I like my sandals.

Now these are more like it. Party shoes. And surprisingly comfortable for all they have 3-1/2" heels. Remember, tall women: just because you're tall doesn't mean you can't be taller!

Alright, enough silliness. I'm supposed to be paying bills and inventing dinner.

Many thanks to those of you who went the distance with me as readers this month, inanity notwithstanding, and to those of you who joined in for the first time. This is the first month I've ever seen feed readership actually double, which freaks me out just enough to keep me going.

Tomorrow's a new month.

Aren't you happy?!

Go listen to some good music: "More Than the Blues" from the album Scarlet and Other Stories by All About Eve.

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