01 November 2009

...I say hello

It's November.

That, of course, means it's Nablopomo.

Also, NaNoWriMo.

And as I have for the last three years, I've signed up for them both.

Because I like to make myself crazy.

I've been doing NaNoWriMo for five or six years now. I've done a fabulous job of never finishing a novel in the allotted time. That used to bother me. Now, it's a badge of honor not to finish.

(I think my best attempt yet was Naked Mole Rats Dreaming...or something like that...for which I managed to write all of about 32 words. I was working full-time plus that year, and I rarely took more than 32 seconds to breathe on any given day. One year I wrote about 27,000 words, while last year, I wrote a bit more than 6,000. And those were actually good words! I'd recycle them, but that would be cheating. Maybe you'll get to read them.)

I've always finished Nablopomo, even though blogging daily is a pain in the rear and it drives me crazy that about three days into the exercise, any notion of quality goes straight out the window.

I guess I can try to change that this November.

Last year, I did a rather whimsical post introducing myself, because I was cross posting on the Nablopomo website. This year, I am not feeling whimsical; the intervening 360-odd days have been anything but whimsical, though probably not too much worse than say...the Second Ring of Hell.

Here are the basics:

Female. 40's. Married. Mother of an almost 16-year-old boy and an almost 13-year-old girl. And a cat. Who might be part goat and loves dogs.

I'm a writer, editor, and I do freelance research, too.

I have opinions. Sometimes I write about them.

I cook. Sometimes I post recipes.

I read. Sometimes I talk about the books I read.

I don't watch much TV.

I loathe grocery shopping.

I love music. I go to concerts, which makes me very happy. Sometimes I write about those.

I love to travel. If I don't have a good reason to travel, I will invent one. And then I write about it. And post pictures!

Isn't November going to be fun?

Go listen to some good music: "Hello Goodbye" from the album Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles.

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