10 November 2009

Home for the holidays

Last Thanksgiving, we took off for Sequoia N.P. for several days. Everyone was itching for a break, and the kids are always hopeful they will see snow. A funny little storm dropped a tiny dusting of snow, but hey, it was snow, and they were happy.

I was struck by the novel idea that for the first Thanksgiving in heaven knows how long, I wasn't cooking. The Lodge actually has a pretty decent restaurant, and though the turkey was dry (the son was happy with his duck), the gravy was too salty and had too much rosemary in it, and the pie was a disappointment, the meal was better than some I've had.

Of course, at the family's behest, the following Saturday, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

I was hoping to sneak away again this year but I was shot down ("But we like your Thanksgiving dinner!"), which made me a little sad. So come the 26th, you'll find me in the kitchen, rather than out of it.

Thanksgiving dinner menu

Assorted cheeses
Sparkling wine

Turkey with thyme gravy
Garlic mashed potatoes
Brussels sprouts
Green bean casserole
Cranberry orange relish
Cloverleaf rolls with butter
Pinot Noir

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream
Mincemeat pie (if I can find mincemeat this year!)

And when we're done, a jog around the neighborhood.

Go listen to some good music: "(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays," music by Robert Allen, lyrics by Al Stillman.

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