17 November 2009

And silence is another way

Of saying what I want to say

And there are days when my mouth should be stapled shut. That was today.

Someone let drop that a former neighbor of ours is applying to the daughter's school. I frowned when the last name was mentioned because I haven't thought of these people for some time, which is just as well because I do not care for them, and I definitely dislike their offspring, one of whom is a little older than the daughter. And who, I might add, slugged the daughter, completely unprovoked, in the stomach with a baseball bat when the daughter was about two.

Not my favorite people.

So, I was puzzling over who these people might be when the first names of the parents were mentioned, and the penny dropped. Unfortunately, caught completely unawares, and most definitely not wearing my diplomacy hat, I squealed quite loudly, "Oh my God! Not them!"

Although the person with whom I was speaking found my outburst quite funny, all I can do is think about the grande faux pas. And feel really embarrassed.

Just pass me the stapler, please.

Go listen to some good music: "I Drive the Hearse" from the album The Incident by Porcupine Tree.

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