01 October 2009


So with the help of the little chain saw (and the spouse), the poor birch met its end. A neighbor came and hauled off some of the larger upper branches (he makes bird feeders from them), but I still have about 4 feet of trunk that weighs more than a hundred pounds--the tree was rather larger in diameter than one would guess from the photo, and 12-15 feet tall. Still wondering how to deal with the bit that's left.

(An axe! I need an axe!)

It's clear from the stump that the heart wood was completely rotted out.

Poor tree.

Milton, who watched the proceedings from a safe distance, decided that it was time to look cute and pose for his extreme close up. That's what sniffing the lens gets you.

At least I no longer have to worry about the tree spontaneously combusting. We had a few brief hours of autumn a couple of days ago, with temperatures in the low 70sF, and it was a mere 54F when I took the son to school this morning. The air was so clear I could hear the marching band practicing at the high school up the road. However, in the way of schizophrenic So Cal weather, the wind picked up midday and when I retrieved the kids from school, it was a toasty 95F.

I made baked apples for dessert anyway.

Go listen to some music: "Wipe-Out" from the album Walk-Don't Run: All-Time Greatest Hits by The Ventures. No, I'm not listening to The Ventures; I am listening to The Tragically Hip. Have enjoyed them for years, and am wondering if I can figure out a way to see them at the end of the month...in this case, probably unlikely give my current schedule.

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