07 October 2009

Jump around

We've been blessed with some beautifully cool weather, cool enough to make me shiver taking the boy to the bus stop in the morning.

Trust me, I'm not complaining.

I have pumpkins on the steps, and the morning sky has been painted in shades of gold, peach and grey, making for some spectacular sunrises. The daughter started to murmur hopefully about beef stew, one of her favorite meals, and to wear socks to bed. With summer pjs, naturally.

Last night, talking to my friend J., who is French, I let drop that I was whipping up a little boeuf bourguignon for dinner, and she laughed and said, "I was just thinking about making that. It must be the weather!"

(I mean it about the whipping up. I know Julia Child is wildly back in style--no, I haven't seen Julie & Julia--but I've been making this stuff for years, and probably haven't actually used a recipe in 10. What I make is closer to what is described in this N.Y. Times article. Throw in hot homemade biscuits and a salad, et voila! Sadly, there were no leftovers. The daughter had thirds.)

While I was braising beef and baking biscuits and putting together salad, I was watching the Tigers/Twins game for the AL Central playoff berth. Amused me no end that a tie breaker game reached the end of the ninth tied at 4, though I'm sure Detroit was anything but amused. Still, I was pleased that the Twins won, because the Angels can generally beat the Twins as well as the Yankees.

Boston, of course, is another matter. The Angels are quite capable of beating Boston; they just need to convince themselves that they can. Of course, decent officiating always helps, but I agree with Mr. Hunter that those bad calls shouldn't have mattered.

The less we see of That Monkey in the next week, the better.

Go listen to some music: "Jump Around" from the album Best of House of Pain by House of Pain. It is pain! For those not in the know, this is the song played at the stadium when the Rally Monkey makes its appearance. There are Rules governing the Monkey's appearance, and you can read them at rallymonkey.com.The daughter, even now, needs to be reminded of the Rules. And yeah, I know some people will think this is a throw-away post, but neither boeuf bourguignon nor baseball could ever, collectively or singly, be considered throw away anything. But it is true I don't want to go rake pine straw.

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