11 October 2009

Enter sandman

Had Boston tried, they probably could have come up with a more classless maneuver than that honorary first pitch and highlight reel this morning. It would have been a stretch, but I'm sure possible. A new low, that business. But I hope the Bosox enjoyed the sensation of karma biting them very hard, because I can tell you that every Angel fan watching that game today certainly did.

And those knuckleheads hired by TBS? We turned the volume off the television very fast on Thursday night, and never turned it back on, preferring instead to listen to our usual radio guys. In playoff series of this sort--whether baseball, football, hockey, what have you--commentators should never display the sort of bias that we listened to for about 10 minutes. So TBS, you may have gotten our eyes for the game, but you lost our ears for it, and you lost both for the commercials. Think about that for a bit. Probably not something you want your advertisers knowing.

Okay, enough of that business.


No one would say that word until the game was over.

It's kind of funny, but I've never had a life list for anything. I don't keep a list of birds; I just enjoy them as I see them. I've never had a list of things that I have to do before I die. I love to travel, and I'm thrilled to go where the airplane, music, or mood takes me. And I've seen amazing things with that attitude. I read the books that look interesting. I've had enough of the books-as-vitamins thing, and someday I will read Silas Marner out of curiosity, not because someone said I should.

(My mother could never say enough bad things about Silas Marner, and then I met my future FIL, and it was the same story with him. So I have to look at it for that reason alone someday.)

Anyway, I realized the other day that I really want to go to a World Series game. It's something I've thought about, but always figured "another time." Well, the time is here. If the Angels make the Series, I'm going. I didn't in 2002, in large part because I was recovering from a nasty injury, and the idea of being jostled by a crowd of 45,000 was pretty much unbearable. And for crying out loud, I don't even like football, and I've been to the Superbowl.

If the Angels don't win the ALCS, then another time. But wouldn't an Angels-Dodgers series be fun?

Go listen to some music: "Enter Sandman" from the album Metallica by Metallica. David Eckstein used to use this song as his entrance music when he was up to bat. It cracked us UP! I loved Eckstein, scrappy, hardworking, utterly modest player that he was when he was with the Angels, and probably still is today.

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