14 September 2009


The first little indication of an ideal autumn is in the air. The weather has cooled down and the last couple of mornings have been dewy and cool, slightly overcast. A foretaste. A pleasure.

It won't last. It never does. Soon the winds will start to howl and the real Southern California autumn will set in: hot, dry and hellish.

I just bought the new Porcupine Tree album, but am too tired to listen to it now. I'm looking forward to Saturday's show in Los Angeles. I've missed PT the last 3 times they've passed through here--enough is enough already.

We've gotten far enough into the school year--meaning that this is the first actual full, 5-day, all-day week we've had--that the complaints about school lunch have begun. Since when does the daughter hate rye bread? Since today apparently. I think that as big a pain as it will be, I'll inform her that she can make her own lunch. *sigh*

A real blog post tomorrow. In between buying extra school supplies, fulfilling the book list I just got and grocery shopping.

And figuring out why the air conditioning is making that noise.

Halloween is coming, too. Did I mention I'm a room mother?


Go listen to some good music: "S.O.S." from the album ABBA by ABBA. Okay, seriously. Why is my life so ridiculous?

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