19 September 2009

Sonic superslide

It was totally innocent.

(Trust me, everything I start starts innocently. Where it goes... *shrugs*)

We were watching the live photoblogging from Coldplay's final show of the Viva tour this morning. The folks doing the blog posted a photo of the catering lunch menu, and questions about Sloppy Joes started coming in, and those were getting posted on the photo blog, too.

I shot the bloggers a quick email just saying how much we'd enjoyed the blogs, and oh, by the way, Sloppy Joes are hamburger cooked in tomato sauce, which is then served on buns. Of course, I couldn't resist an editorial comment. Actually, I didn't think about it...it was just my opinion.

(Sloppy Joes are disgusting.)

So, off I went to clean out dryer vents and other less-than-interesting Saturday morning chores, and wandered back a bit later to look at the next round of photos. And lo. There was my Sloppy Joe comment on the site, editorial comment included.

The daughter was dancing around with glee. "Mommy's famous!" she sang. "I'm going to tell everyone!"

And she wondered aloud if perhaps this might gain her access to Chris Martin...

Only if he needs a recipe for Sloppy Joes, I imagine.

Someone who prefers not to make waves should really keep her fingers quiet.

Oh well. Off to Porcupine Tree.

Go listen to some music: "Sonic Superslide" from the album God Bless the Go-Go's by The Go-Go's.

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