28 September 2009

Calling all Angels (2009)

We're down to six outs right now. The score is 11-0, Angels, and the "magic number" is such that if the Halos beat the Rangers tonight, they clinch the AL West. Of course, we won't jinx the Angels and mention what happened in that horrifying Oakland game the other night.

So for the moment, take it out by out.

Now, we're down to three.

I've watched the Angels do well. I've watched the Angels just stink. But I've never watched a season like this.

Tragedy. Gut-wrenching tragedy.

But ultimately, victory.

Complete shutout to Ervin Santana.

And damn if Erick Aybar isn't out there hosing down the fans again.

Go listen to some music: "Calling All Angels" from the album My Private Nation by Train. And oh crap, yes, it looks like the ALDS is against Boston, dammit, dammit, dammit.

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