08 September 2009

Baby, you can drive my car

A few weeks ago, I began teaching the son how to drive. Each lesson has begun with a safety check, mirror check, seatbelt check and the like before I even let him turn on the ignition (he is, after all, driving my car). I make him proceed with everything very slowly since this is his first behind-the-wheel experience. Initially, I was worried about how seriously he would take the whole thing, given that he told me he felt pretty confident about driving since he could drive a Warthog in Halo just fine.


After his first lesson, however, when he realized that he was in charge of maneuvering a couple of tons worth of metal safely, it was evident that his outlook on driving had undergone a little change. Even more so this morning.

The son: "Just in case you don't think I take driving seriously..."

Me: "Yes?"

The son: "The dream I had last night...all I could hear was a deep voice saying, 'Take your foot off the break SLOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY...'"

Me: "Ah, the voice of God."

The son: "No, the voice of Samuel L. Jackson."

Go listen to some good music: "Drive My Car" from the album Rubber Soul by The Beatles.

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