14 August 2009


A trick of light, dust and water. The golden cloud enveloping the peak is actually rain and some blowing dust. The sun was shining in under the clouds from the west. (Click on any photo to enlarge it).

After a night of monsoon, everyone is out. Many people are of the mistaken idea that the desert is a dead place. The desert teems with life, particularly in the wake of a storm. The Sonoran desert is particularly beautiful. Here, you should be able to easily spot 4 Gambel's quail--2 male, 2 female, though you can only see the butt of one of the girls--and a white-winged dove (yes, that white-winged dove). There were also two good-sized lizards present, though tough to see in the photo, and three jackrabbits, but they'd disported themselves behind the prickly pear.

And friend bunny makes a cameo appearance for the camera. The chipmunk might be in there somewhere, too. A couple of black-chinned hummingbirds were flitting around as well.

And a day later, the rain has thoroughly cleared the air to make for a lovely and very early morning photo at a well-known hotel.

Go listen to some music: "Vacation" from the album Return to the Valley of the Go-Gos by The Go-Gos. No, there will be no bowling photos.

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