25 August 2009

Some other place, somewhere, some other time

I've been trying to post for two days. Honestly, I've got things to talk about!

I started teaching the son to drive.

I had lunch with a friend I haven't seen in 25 years (that was our best guess, anyway).

Swine flu! We've definitely got to talk about swine flu (yup, I see you cringing).

But the down side is that the daughter's HP laptop has suddenly decided not to boot. I've spent the last two days trying to make it work again--in between the lunching, and the driving, and the talking about novel H1N1, of course. And walking. And the interminable exercise bike. Not to mention the buying of school uniforms, new shoes, books, and tomorrow (*sigh*) school supplies.

You get the picture.

I'll be back.

Go listen to some good music: "Some Other Time" from the album I Robot by The Alan Parsons Project.

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