28 August 2009

The lizard chase: catching that lizard

I really hadn't planned to write about this today (or ever), but I get Google searches...

How I catch a lizard (and you're on your own on keeping a lizard out of the kitchen, but window and door screens are a good start):

You will need a clear plastic container, like the inexpensive Gladware that is sold here in the U.S., or a shoebox. You will also need a thin, flat piece of cardboard, plastic or wood that is larger than the opening of your container. You will probably not want to keep the container or board after you've captured the lizard, so think disposable.

Go quietly and gently after your quarry. I can't help you with cornering it, but quiet and gentle are good. The object is not to kill the lizard, but to return it outdoors. When you've cornered it, cover the lizard gently with the box, and slowly slide your flat board under the box opening. You want to do this slowly so that you don't mash the lizard or its toes. Trust me, it's more frightened than you.

Take the whole shebang outdoors, as far from dwellings as is feasible (meaning it won't run directly in again), put it down on the ground, remove the box and let the lizard hightail it.

For you more visual types (no, I am NOT an artist. Yes, you can click it to make it bigger):

Go listen to some music: "The Lizard Chase (Contradance no. 3, Beethoven)" from the album Baby Einstein: Baby Noah by The Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra. I wasn't planning on worrying about evacuating elderly relatives from a brush fire, either.

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Deb said...

I'm a little unclear on the lizard running away part. Please note that there was no visual aid to illustrate this portion of the op.